Top best tourist places in Jammu you just can’t miss out

Top best tourist places in Jammu

First of all ,I will tell you how the name Jammu is named. According to local tradition, Jammu is named of its founder, Raja Jambulochan, who is believed to have ruled the area in the 9th century. Jammu has historically been the capital of Jammu Province and the winter capital of the east, while Jammu and Kashmir princely state (1846–1952). Jambu Lochan was the brother of Raja Bahu Lochan who constructed a fort, Bahu Fort, on the bank of river Tawi. The city name figures in the ancient book Mahabharata. Excavation near Akhnoor, 32 kilometres (20 mi) from Jammu city, provides evidence that Jammu was once part of the Harappan civilization.
Jammu is basically known as the City of Temples.

Tourism in Jammu City

Tourism is the largest industry in Jammu as in the rest of the state. It is also a focal point for the pilgrims going to Vaishno Devi and Kashmir valley as it is second last railway terminal in North India. All the routes leading to Kashmir, Poonch, Doda and Laddakh start from Jammu city. So throughout the year the city remains full of people from all the parts of India. Places of interest include old historic palaces like Mubarak Mandi, Purani Mandi, Rani Park, Amar Mahal, Bahu Fort, Raghunath Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Karbala, Peer Meetha, Old city and a number of shopping places, fun parks, etc.Basically,Tourism is a very big industry which includes airways,roadways,railways and other accommodations.In our day to day life ,Tourism has played a vital role because tourism help us to get rid of our boring life.In Jammu,there are tourists places and these places also increases the revenue of the state.
Some of the top best tourist places in jammu city are :

  1. Amar Mahal Palace

The Amar Mahal Palace is a palace in Jammu, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, India, which has now been converted into a Museum. It was built in the nineteenth century for Raja Amar Singh, a Dogra king by a French architect on the lines of a French Chateau. The palace was donated to the Hari-Tara charitable trust by Dr. Karan Singh for use as a museum. It has many exhibits including a golden throne weighing 120 kg, Pahari miniature and Kangra miniature paintings, a library of 25,000 antique books and many rare art collections. The palace was the last official residence of the Dogra dynasty, and a large collection of portraits of the royal family are also on display in the Museum.

best tourist places in Jammu


2. Bahu Fort and Baghe-e-Bahu Garden

Nestled 5 km from the city center, Bahu Fort and Garden lies on the left bank of the Tawi River in the city of Jammu. It was built by Raja Bahulochan more than 3000 years ago. Close to the fort, there is a shrine devoted to the Hindu Goddess Kali. It was renovated in 19th century by the Dogra rulers. There is a terraced garden, called Bagh-e-Bahu.

best tourist places in Jammu


3. Vaishno Devi

Situated at an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level, the Holy Cave Shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi or Trikuta Bhagwati has been a beacon of faith and fulfilment to millions of devotees from all over the world. The pilgrimage to the Shrine holds great significance for the pilgrims. The Yatris have to undertake a trek of nearly 12 km from the base camp at Katra. At the culmination of their pilgrimage, the yatries are blessed with the Darshans of the Mother Goddess inside the Sanctum Sanctorum – the Holy Cave. These Darshans are in the shape of three natural rock formations called the Pindies. There are no statues or idols inside the Cave.

best tourist places in Jammu


4. Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi is a palace in Jammu, India. The palace was the royal residence of the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from the Dogra dynasty. It was their main seat till 1925 when Maharaja Hari Singh moved to the Hari Niwas Palace in the northern part of Jammu. The palace is located in the heart of the old walled city of Jammu and overlooks the Tawi river.

best tourist places in Jammu


Some interesting things about Jammu that you may like!

Street Food

Jammu is also famous for street food which includes fast food.A view of famous street food in jammu city which is near the street of peer meetha.

best tourist places in Jammu
Roads of Jammu

Gujjarnagar Bridge

best tourist places in Jammu



Sidhra Highway

best tourist places in Jammu


This was all about best tourist places in Jammu, feel free to relay your comments below.

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