The Cultural heritage of Kashmir: Hassan Anzar

The valley of Kashmir has had besides its unique topography, natural beauty and temperate climate, a rich history of culture and languages as well. The Raj Tarangni written by Pandith Kalhanna in 12th century BC bears ample evidence of the great lifestyle of our scholars, religious leaders, poets, preachers and even the common men.


Cultural heritage of Kashmir

Cultural heritage of Kashmir: Kashmiri children study the Quran at a Madrassa (Islamic religious school)

Some of the Buddhist preachers and teachings originating from Kashmir reached and flourished in many eastern and central Asian countries. Even though there had been some political instability and temporary deterioration in the social and moral spheres (caused by the feudal lords and the corrupt Priestly/Brahman class) the situation improved once again to pave way for an easy spreading of mysticism and Al Islam later. In and after 14th century AD the religious and cultural transformation mainly due to the assimilation of some of the Buddhist and Hindu teachings into the Islamic way of; life made Kashmir an enviable nation with an enviable spiritual way of life, a grand economic prosperity and wholesome social and cultural development. It got the name of IRAN-E-SAGEER even. During the Muslim rule and especially during Sultan Zain’ul Aabud-Din’s time, the royal court had the best scholars from all over the world gathered and the ruler prioritized and preferred the acquisition and accumulation of knowledge to that of gold and silver. Cottage industries and Handicrafts got a special attention and innovations were constantly encourages.


Cultural heritage of Kashmir

Cultural heritage of Kashmir: Kashmiri craftsman paints an intricate design on a paper mache vase

The translation of significant books from and into Persian, Sanskrit and Kashmiri were made. Later this became a role model for the great Mughal emperor Akbar even. The religious tolerance and overall coexistence became exemplary during this time. Language and literature got a boost due to the patronage of the rulers and great writers like Laliswari Devi (Lal Arifah) and Sheikh Noor U Din Noorani laid solid foundations for Kashmiri poetry.


Cultural heritage of Kashmir

Cultural heritage of Kashmir: Sheikh Noor U Din Noorani

The folklore’s preserved later in written form speak volumes of the cultural diversity and richness of the times, Kashmir can genuinely be proud of, though the pace of development was somewhat shrouded by the misrule and the chain of atrocities by the latter cruel kings mostly outsiders.

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