Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

Now any user can delete their sent messages on WhatsApp but this new feature of WhatsApp is not of any use because if someone has deleted the message sent on WhatsApp, still you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android from this trick.

There was always a problem with WhatsApp users that they were unable to delete the message sent to WhatsApp, because at times users were mistakenly sending messages that they did not want to send, so this thing worries the user. But recently, WhatsApp has launched a feature in which the user can delete the message he sent.

If you have not read the message of someone, the user sending the message can delete the message sent to you within 7 minutes. The WhatsApp users are quite satisfied with the coming of this feature because if they sent any message by mistake, then there is no problem with it. You can delete that message.

But let me tell you that this feature of WhatsApp is no longer useful because there are such apps available in Playstore which are giving the opportunity to read these deleted messages. If you are also a WhatsApp user, then today I am going to tell you a trick, so that if even if someone deletes the message you can still read it.

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

First of all, you have to go to PlayStore on your smartphone and then search the timeline in the search box. When you search this, you have to install the Timeline Notification History app on your smartphone.


Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android


When you install this app you will have to enable Smartphone’s Notification Access. With the Timeline application, you can check the notification history of WhatsApp at any time.

Now you can read someone’s deleted messages easily, you can read those messages by opening the Timeline app. You will also find similar apps in Playstore but the timeline app is working really well.

So you have got the answer to this question on how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, and this new feature of WhatsApp is no longer useful because users can read the message even after deleting the message.

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This was all about Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.


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