How to install windows 10 from USB Flash Drive easily with pictures

Things to know before how to install windows 10 from USB Flash Drive

Before knowing how to install windows 10 from USB let’s first know what is an operating system, in its most broad sense it’s a software that allows a user to run other applications on a computing device. While it is conceivable for software apps to interface directly with hardware, the vast majority of apps are written for an operating system, which allows them to take benefit of common libraries and not to concern about specific hardware details.

The operating system takes care of a computer’s hardware resources, including:

  • Input devices such as a keyboard, Plotter, Projector, Speaker, Headphone and mouse.
  • Output devices such as display monitors, scanners and printers.
  • Network devices such as network connections modems, and routers.
  • Storage devices such as internal and external drives.
  • The operating system also provides facilities to facilitate the efficient execution and organization of, and memory allocations for, any additional installed software application programs.


install windows 10 from USB


Choosing an operating system to install windows 10 from USB

Operating system (OS) is an interface between the computer owner (user) and computer hardware. Basically, an operating system is software which performs all the basic tasks which are processed in a computer either by commands or by instructions given by the user. These tasks include a number of processes like process management, memory management, file management, controlling input and output. The operating system is a set of programs that act as an interface between the user and computer hardware and handles the execution of all such programs.

There are a number of operating systems available, every operating system has its own scope that may be in terms of speed, accuracy, ease of access, interface etc. some popular operating systems are:-
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, LINUX, UNIX, MAC, UBUNTU etc.


install windows 10 from USB


Easy steps of how to install windows 10 from USB

Here I will explain every step by step procedure to install windows 10 from USB. And I will install windows 10 consumer edition (1803 build) 64-bit for demonstration.

Step 1: First we need to have a bootable (USB DRIVE) pen drive. We need these files to install windows 10 from USB.


install windows 10 from USB


NOTE: To make a bootable USB drive you can check our previous post where we have explained step by step procedure to make a bootable pen drive either by DOS (command prompt) or by software (Rufus, WinToBootic, Power ISO).

Check it out first: How to make Pen Drive bootable |every possible way well explained

Step 2: Now plug in this bootable pen drive in to your USB port and press power button of your PC (The device must be in turn off mode or you can restart your pc if it is in on mode), and boot your computer in bios mode by pressing F2 key continuously a pop up screen will appear on your screen as shown below.


install windows 10 from USB


Step 3: After this make some changes go to the boot section and select the boot IST priority to the external USB device. Setting first priority to an external device will boot your personal computer automatically into the bootable image file which is in the bootable USB drive. Now press F10 key to save these settings after savings these settings your PC will boot automatically into the image file of the operating system which is loaded into bootable pen drive.


install windows 10 from USB

install windows 10 from USB

install windows 10 from USB


Step 4: After pressing the F10 key a popup screen will appear on PC screen as shown below. Now click on “next” button to install windows 10 from USB using that bootable USB drive.


install windows 10 from USB


Step 5: After this choose an operating system version (32-bit or 64-bit) in the list which you want to install and click on “next” button as shown below.

install windows 10 from USB


Step 6: Now choose an installation method which will ease the installation of an operating system and install windows 10 from USB as shown below.


install windows 10 from USB


Step 7: Now after selecting the type of installation of an operating system(OS), now it is time to make partitions of the “HARD DISK” select the “primary” drive in which you have to install the operating system(OS). Here I choose partition 4 for installation of an OS. It is users choice to select the partition of the system.

install windows 10 from USB


NOTE: The partition which is selected by the user here for installation will be automatically labelled as (C-DRIVE) and a primary drive for the system and its size must be more than 100 GB to avoid lagging (hang) of the system.

Step 8: This is the final step in this step we have to wait for at least 10-20 minutes for installation of OS this step involves copying of primary files of an OS from pen drive to user’s PC. This involves additional features of an OS.

Note: Your PC will restart(reboot) several times during this last step or processes. After the process number 2(two) that is getting files ready for installation you can remove your bootable pen drive (because if we did not remove the pen drive it will start the whole process from the beginning due to the boot priority of external USB drive so better is to remove the bootable USB drive).

So the processes in this step are as follows:

  1. Copying windows files.
  2. Getting files ready for installation.
  3. Installing features.
  4. Installing updates.
  5. Finishing up.


install windows 10 from USB


These all processes will take some time to complete. After these processes you are done with the installation processes your PC will restart and boot in a new operating system (OS).

Here is the video for you if you have any confusion left:

This was all about how to install windows 10 from USB Flash Drive. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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    Interesting mistake I did: I downloaded ISO file and copied it to a USB flash drive and tried to load computer from USB drive to start window setup and it didn’t work 🙂 Now I’m making installation media as described here, but it takes 13 hours already and the process is still doing on as probably my internet speed is slow. Hopefully I’ll get windows setup done today.


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