How to recover data from damaged SD card

All of us use mobile phones in today’s age and all our photos, videos, and important data is stored in SD card, but if the same SD card is damaged or corrupted then many of us think that our data contained in that card will also be deleted. If you are experiencing any problem related to the SD card like if your card has been corrupted or your card has been damaged and it has any important data in it, then in today’s post we will tell you how to recover data from damaged sd card very easily.

Now let’s come on to the main topic how to recover data from damaged SD card

First of all, you have to install Wondershare Data Recovery data recovery software on your laptop or PC, after which you have to insert your damaged SD card or pen drive into the laptop it’s completely safe by that I mean it will not harm your laptop or computer.

After you open the software, you will get a choice what kind of file you want to recover, photo, video, audio, email, document and other files. Now you can recover them all together or one by one.


How to recover data from damaged SD card


Suppose you want to recover your photos, then you have to click on the photo, then the options will come from which you want to recover the file or data that’s whether its hard disk or external card like SD card or pen drive.


How to recover data from damaged SD card


So by clicking on the card from which you want to recover any data, then after that, you will see the option start click on it. This one is the quick scanning process that’s it’s fast. If after this scan you will find your photo or whatever data you want to recover then it’s good. If you can not get data after this quick scan, then you will have to do a Deep Scan.


How to recover data from damaged SD card


The deep scan may take a more time than quick scan and when the process is completed, then after this scan your data will be recoverable. Once this process is complete, you can recover all files together by marking them together after this select the destination where you want to save your file.


How to recover data from damaged SD card


So how to recover data from damaged SD card? So, with Wondershare Data Recovery software you can easily recover data such as your photo, video or audio from any defective SD card or pen drive. Let me tell you there are lots of software available on the internet to recover the data from the pen drive or memory card but this one is famous.

This was all about how to recover data from damaged SD card. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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