Chrome extension PassProtect warns you whether your password is hacked or not

In today’s world, we deal so much with the passwords and for many of us its hard to remember passwords. But don’t worry today we have found a new extension of Google Chrome for you with the help of which you will get to know whether your password has been hacked or not. This extension will tell you when you should change your password. The name of this extension is PassProtect and it is available online for free. Click here to download chrome extension PassProtect.

According to the developer, PassProtect is a simple extension of Chrome that drastically improves your personal security while browsing the web. There are many passwords floating on the web as they are exposed to data breaches. A threat agent can use this exposed password to try to compromise with your account. Do not let them log in using an open password! PassProtect is a new, experimental way to help individual users play a more active role in protecting their online accounts. We believe that by informing and guiding users to reset their credentials when necessary, we can all help make the web a safer place! 

Chrome extension PassProtect tells you that your password is active on any other system or server. As an example, many times it happens that we log in to an account on our friends or office systems. But due to haste or any other work, we forget to log out. In this way, when you log in to your home PC or another system, this extension gives you an alert. ‘Passprotect’ informs you that your account is open on any other system. In such a situation, you can keep your account safe by changing your password immediately.

It is easy to use ‘PassProtech’. One of the biggest features of ‘PassProtect’ is it only scan password without remembering it. This means that this extension only scans your password, not sees it or misses it. This means that you have not to be afraid that ‘PassProtect’ is sending your password to any other network.

The ‘passProtect’ has also his app which will help you in remembering your passwords that means if its hard for you to remember the passwords the ‘passprotect’ will manage and protect your password for you. The app has downloaded 10 million users. The app got 4.6 stars at the Play Store. More than 1 million users have given a rating to the app. The size of the app is 9.3 MB.

This was all about how can you use chrome extension PassProtect. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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