Best Android apps for students 2018

 You might have downloaded millions of Android applications from the Google Play Store, you can understand it as a bit unattended. Don’t worry! We’re here to guide you and will provide you with the best Best Android apps for students 2018.

We have listed 14 best Android apps for students without which the life of modern students is incomplete.

1. Cam-scanner

The app by which you can scan your documents, notes on mobile. You can access these documents anywhere as this app allows you to store your documents online that’s it also provides 500MB cloud space. It also does auto cropping which will remove the edges and auto sharpening which enhances your pics. You can also fax scan up to 35 countries from this app It has also the important feature called as Batch Mode with the help of which you can click multiple pictures at a time and then combining them to make a PDF.

Best Android apps for students


2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage where you can store your documents, photos, audios online on Dropbox servers which you can access anywhere and is probabily one of the best Android apps for students. In the basic plan, you will get 2 GB free storage.

Now the question arises why we should use Dropbox?

  • One of the simplest and best reason is you will get access to data anywhere in the world.
  • You can backup your data in cloud means if sometimes your phone, a tablet will get lost or stolen still your data will be with you on Dropbox servers.
  • One of the most important features of Dropbox is you can collaborate with your friends and you will be able to work on the same files online, for example, you are a college student and you are being given a homework. Now some of your friends are going for holidays then how you can work with each other? This is where Dropbox will help you and at the same time, you can enjoy your holidays as well.

Best Android apps for students

3. Feedly

It’s a must app for today’s students in order to remain ahead of others in this modern age. This app is used by millions of passionate learners. You can organize your favorite content and you will be getting updated regularly about them for example Tech, culture, business, marketing. This app is especially beneficial for the bloggers who are in need of new content and want to publish new articles on regular basis.

Best Android apps for students

4. Gmail undo option

This might be the Best Android apps for students because there are times when you type an email but it goes to a wrong person that is fine to informal emails but when we talk about the formal emails it’s really bad.

Thanks to the Gmail undo feature which can help you to undo messages. This option is actually available in Windows 10. In iPhone or iPad you can simply undo it immediately after sending the message but in android app Gmail you will not find any option just like that you have to go to the general settings and check the box “confirm before sending“.

Best Android apps for students


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5. Mathway

It’s one of the best apps from which you can get instant math answer by manually putting the equation or any mathematical problem. The basic features this app covers are
– Basic Math
– Pre-Algebra
– Algebra
– Trigonometry
– Precalculus
– Calculus
– Statistics

Best Android apps for students

6. Scribd

It is the app which will give you access to the unlimited number of best books, news, magazines. It will keep you updated. If you have to read online books or if you want their soft copy to be saved on your phone and want to read them later then this is the right app for you. Scribd App is one of the worlds best app in which almost every book is present whether it’s related to your studies or general knowledge.

Best Android apps for students


7. Duolingo

If I tell you how many languages can you speak, your answer may be 4 or 5 maximum. If u are interested in learning languages then definitely this is the right app for you. If I tell you can learn any language easily by this app as this is not a simple app as this is included in googles editor’s choice.
Wall Street Journal says “Far and away the best free language-learning app”. With the help of this app, you can master yourself in writing, listening and speaking any language just like a game. As per one report if you give just 34 hours on Duolingo its equal to as you have given 1 semester of university and this app is free.

Best Android apps for students
8. Temp Mail

Whenever we visit in any website we have been told to register and they take our email address, it was ok but after that when we check our email we find our inbox full of spam emails and sometimes these companies send our email address to other companies. I believe the time is very precious and we should not waste our time than in deleted these emails which again is waste of time and annoying. Now, this app will help you to generate the email which you can use in those sites which you don’t want to give them your actual email.

Best Android apps for students


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9. Electrodroid

This is an important application for electrical and electronics & communication engineers. In this app under the calculator option you can find several options like Resistor Colour Code, SMD Resistor Code, Inductor Colour Code, Ohm’s Law, Voltage divider etc and in the Pin-out option, you will find Pin-out USB port, Pin-out Serial port, Pin-out Parallel port etc.

 Best Android apps for students

10. Photomath

As they say, scan, solve and learn. Yes, you read it right, you can solve any mathematical equation by this app by simply scanning the equation. You can also see solution step by step moreover you can also share the solution with your friends. If you want to calculate it manually you can also do it.

Best Android apps for students

11. Speech notes

This is a really important app for those students who want to convert the speech of professor into notes or want to type anything only without typing. You can also save these notes instantly in Dropbox or you can share it with any of your friends via email or Bluetooth. This is really a life-saving app for school and college students.

Best Android apps for students

12. Google Translate

Here you can translate any language by three methods.

By simply typing the words you want to translate, you can also hear the pronunciation of that word by simply clicking on the sound icon moreover can also translate the voice.

If you are studying in a foreign country and you are not able to read the signboard or restaurant menu then this app is best for you. You have to simply tap on the camera icon and you will see words translating on your screen, if the translation is not accurate you can simply click the photo and using word slide you can see the translation, to use it you have to simply download those languages.

Best Android apps for students

13. 1mg – Medicines, Health Tests, Doctor Consultation

This is definitely one of the best Android apps for students who live stressed life and take medicines on regular basis, especially for those who are studying in colleges far away from home. The app with 5 million downloads and 4.3 star rating is very special application in which there is an option medicine where you can find the generic name of any medicine, actually generic name is the actual drug in a particular medicine in some cases their case be more than one generic names in a single medicine which is combined to form a drug.

Best Android apps for studentsSometimes the same drug can be present in other medicine with the same name but you cannot find that particular drug but with the help of this app, you can find it. So, this application is the complete health application that tells you about your medications, their replacement, and their side effects. But please don’t use these drugs without consulting doctor, you can simply send a screenshot to your doctor and he will tell you a substitute for it which can even be cheap from actual drug.


PhonePe can be used as a mobile wallet as well as UPI application developed by YES bank. Its interface is simple and we have listed in our best Android apps for students because you can simply transfer money to your contacts or you can request and receive money from them by using the number which is linked to your bank branch. You can also pay bills for insurance, electricity, landline, DTH etc.

Best Android apps for students

These are the Best Android apps for students. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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