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Hello everyone, my name is Shakir, the owner of the blog www.ecstatictrends.com , I have created this blog ( Ecstatic Trends ) just for education purpose to share the new ideas about the latest art, culture, society, and tricks in a day today technology. I am from Kashmir/India and daily I explore new and interesting tricks related to the technologies and ideas. So, I just want to share what I have learned myself from different places and sites, so that many other people could learn those tricks also just because today is the age of ease and luxury, so, I want that people should also learn what is going on inside and behind various technologies and platforms like Android and PC.

You will be getting the latest advancements and trends in technology, tricks for both Android and pc platform and apart from that, I’m here to promote art, culture, and society. I always provide with the best and working methods and tricks and I keep updating the older posts and tricks accordingly when there is the need.

I believe if there is no cultural evolution then there will be no technological evolution. They are dependent on each other, as its the culture which gives rise to needs and thus will give rise to technology which will eventually change the lifestyle.

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The Aim of Blog: Encouraging people to new ideas and tricks in a day today technologies!