11 Best Ways to Reduce Data Usage On Android


In this modern era we have all modern technology but at the same time, our mobile phone apps are secretly wasting data in the background. Early, web surfing used to be mostly in a text but nowadays video streaming services have gained immense popularity, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also integrated video services as a major attraction. It has become increasingly very difficult to reduce data usage on Android.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to reduce data usage on Android and making your limited internet pack last longer.

11 Best Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone

1. Limit background data from apps

Some apps continue to use mobile data even when the smartphone is not in use. Background data allows you to keep your apps monitored and updated while performing various tasks or when the screen is off. But there are some apps which do not need to use background data like MX Player, PicsArt, Chrome, Play Music etc and hence, can reduce data usage to a nice extent.

So for that go to Settings >> Data Usage and you can see the statistics for which app is consuming how much of data.

reduce data usage


Tap on the app, and you can see the total usage and usage of data in the background and in the background of certain apps. The use of data in the foreground is information consumed by the app when you use it actively when open. Background data is data consumed when the app is not in use and the app is running in the background. It does not require action and it happens automatically. This can include things like automatic app update or sync.

If you find that background data is too high for the app and you do not need the app to stay in the background at any time, tap on “Restrict app background data” and in some cases as in mine disable “Allow background data usage”. Now the app will consume data only when it is open and therefore you can save your data.

 2. Limit your data usage in Android Settings.

Setting a limit to your monthly data usage is the easiest thing you can do to avoid using large amounts of data without your knowledge. You can limit your mobile data usage on Android via the Settings app. Go to the Settings and touch Data Usage>>Billing Cycle and data warning>>Start billing cycle on, Data warning and Set data limit. First, you can set the start date from where we want app to start our billing cycle. There you can set the data warning and maximum amount of data you want to use in a month. In addition, you can also choose to automatically disconnect from the network once the data limit has been reached.

reduce data usage

3. Turn on compression in Chrome to reduce data usage

Google Chrome is considered among one of the most popular Android browsers. This feature allows you to save data up to 70% and at the same time, you will notice a considerable increase in browsing speed.

To use data compression, open Chrome, touch the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner, touch Settings, and scroll down to save the data. You can touch Enable data protection in the top right corner.

Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them. Get more visibility into your data usage by clicking “Details” to see how much data the site you’re using. This can help you make more informed decisions about their use depending on the type of connection you use.

reduce data usage


Changing data saver also protect your android phone from malware and harmful content. I have shared a screenshot with you, it shows Chrome saved 2% of the data in a period of one day this gives you additional advantage to reduce data usage.

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4. Use Wi-Fi to Update Apps

Another promising method to reduce mobile data consumption is to disable app updates automatically in the Play Store. Go to the Play Store and touch Menu>>Settings >>Auto-update apps. Be sure to select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only“. Alternatively, you can choose “Do not auto-update apps“, but the downside of this method is that you have to manually update these apps after some time to get their latest updates.

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5. Look out for your apps.

The use of avid data applications can greatly affect data consumption while on your mobile network. Social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram spend a lot of data. Try using alternatives for some applications that will still perform the required functions while consuming fewer data. For example, Facebook Lite is a very light alternative for Facebook application. Tweet Caster is a similar option for Twitter applications or you can simply use them in your chrome or Opera Mini browser without using any app by this way you will not only save the data but also battery power. One more important tricks to speed up internet on your android and to save internet data is that it’s always better to browse the mobile version of the website on a mobile device, so avoid using the desktop versions of a site if you can.

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6. Avoid streaming content

We love to see the high-quality videos, downloading our favorite serials and movies but this has to be avoided anyways if you really want to use your internet data until the end of the day. It’s better to download music and videos when you are connected to Wi-Fi and then to listen and watch them offline leading to a potentially endless stream of content.

Now, we know that smartphones are useless without their means, but there are ways to console themselves responsibly. Sometimes it’s important to watch the videos online then at that time be sure to set the quality of videos by changing it to 144p or 360p.

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7. Save Google Maps for offline use to reduce data usage

You can download and then save maps in Google Maps application by using this method you will not only save time but also data because once you will download the map you will not have to use Google Maps again and again thus saving your data. This will save you in those places also where there is no network coverage. So it’s better to download it offline if you are visiting some places frequently.

To use it, open Google Maps and go to Menu and select “Offline Map” or “Offline Areas” There you can press “Select your own map” or “Custom area” as in my case and zoom in or out to select the area you want to be available offline.

Once you’ve decided upon the area, press “Download.”

reduce data usage8. Optimize Account Sync Settings


Your account sync settings will be synced automatically. Keep this feature enabled for only for some particular apps that really require a lot of information Notes and Gmail but the apps that use sync services to sync files, like photos and videos consume enormous amounts of data in the process.

To adjust the sync settings, go to Settings >> Accounts or Cloud and Accounts in my case as i’m using Samsung J7. There you can adjust the synchronization settings for various applications. To optimize Google sync, tap Google and disable the options you do not need. For example, I do not need data from Google Fit, Google Play Movies, and Google Play Music to sync. So I turned it off while keeping other services synchronized for example Contacts, Calendar, and Samsung Notes.

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9. Use external apps to reduce data usage


There is another way to verify the volume of your remaining data, and this may be somewhat more accurate. You can look directly at your operator application. You can use these apps to keep track of your mobile data and using your data efficiently.Some of them are shown below:

reduce data usage

10. Use Opera Max for data management

Opera Max is a data and privacy management application that allows you to manage the amount of data your application consumes and protect your privacy in unsafe Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

This app is quite impressive, in all applications, games, streaming media and Facebook. Opera Max helps you save data with an additional layer of security i.e. it will save data for every app on your smartphone it. As a result, users can save about 50% of the data in everything they do with their devices.

reduce data usage11. Use Wi-Fi to update android software


At last, we have another method for you to reduce mobile data consumption only updating your android system software when connected to Wi-Fi. For that go to Settings>>software update>>Download updates automatically. Now, whenever you will be connected to Wi-Fi the software will get automatically updated in the background. By using this option you need not be worried about the latest update of your software.

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These are the best 11 ways to reduce data usage on android. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay you comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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